Customise Your Skype Username

September 18, 2019 By rahul

Customise Your Skype Username

When you are new to Skype, you have probably started the account with the intention of using it either with family or with friends or maybe both. With friends, you like to have a cool sort of screen name, while with families, it is a completely different equation and you probably want to have a slightly more sober name. The situation changes completely when you have to interact on a professional front and realise that your name is completely unsuitable. 

In different scenarios, you want a different user name. Should you have different accounts or is it possible to change how people see you, in the same account? You can read on to find out how to change Skype username

What is a Skype Username?

A username is the e-mail address you use for registering with the service (Microsoft and Skype) and for logging in to the same. This can be changed only by changing the associated e-mail. 

If you have a non-e-mail user name, by virtue of using the service before Skype was bought by Microsoft, you cannot alter the username without creating a fresh account.

What Is a Skype Display Name?

This is the name that others see when they use Skype to communicate with you. This display name can be changed as often as you want

Changing the Display Name on Windows and Mac

If you are using the Skype app on any of these two platforms, you can follow these steps:

As you launch the app, you will able to see your profile image and display name. You can click either one followed by Skype Profile to enter your profile. Click the pencil icon for editing, enter the desired username and press enter. Your new display name is now active.

Changing the Display Name on Mobile App

This is simple and easy. Open the app and tap on your profile image. Tap the existing name to replace it with the name you want it to be. Tap done and you have successfully changed your user name.

Changing the Display Name on the Web

The process of changing the display name on the web is similar to the previous methods described above. Once you log in to Skype, click on your name to activate the drop-down menu, select my account, followed by Contact Details and Edit Profile. Choose your new name and save.

Changing the Display Name for Skype for Business

Skype for Business has accounts created for employees by the employers. For this reason, the users/employees do not have permission to change the user name or display name. The user name is assigned by the employer and is usually their business e-mail and the display name is typically their name. If at all these need to be changed, they can be done by the department responsible for managing the service. 

Even if you can change your display name often and you know how to change Skype username, it is advisable to maintain some form of continuity and not confuse your contacts with the ever changing names.


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