Is JavaScript a Programming Language?

September 5, 2019 By rahul

Is JavaScript a Programming Language?

JavaScript is a programming language and considered to be the world’s most popular one. It acts as a scripting language for the world wide web and this is the primary reason for its popularity. Almost every computer in the world today has JavaScript interpreter installed. The question, ‘Is JavaScript a programming language’ often gets asked because it keeps getting confused with Java. 

JavaScript is not Java but instead is a different language altogether. Here are some of the important aspects to be known around JavaScript.

Is JavaScript a Programming Language?

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Yes! It is indeed a programming language which has often been misunderstood. People often confuse it to be a scripting language instead of a programming language. Programming languages are generally high-level languages that get converted into a low-level language which is then recognised by the computer. JavaScript can execute in the browser as well as the server. It can also execute on any device that has a special program called JavaScript engine on it. Sometimes JavaScript’s C-like syntax makes one feel like it is an ordinary procedural language. This could be misleading because JavaScript tends to have more in common with other functional languages like Scheme or Lisp.

Is JavaScript Perfect?

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There is no programming language that can be called perfect and same is the case with JavaScript. It has its own share of design errors. These include overloading of the plus sign which indicates both addition as well as concatenation. The reserved word policies also appear to be very strict. The semicolon insertion was found to be a big mistake and so was the notation for regular yet literal expressions. These errors further lead to programming errors but these could be avoided with the use of ‘lint’ program. 

Results-Oriented Language

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JavaScript is also considered to be a results-oriented language especially when it comes to web development. For processing and calculation of data, JavaScript is useful because it can make these into a cakewalk. It can help in adding visual effects to the screen. It is one of the few languages that can be used for both server side as well as client-side applications. 

Advantages of JavaScript

JavaScript can help in saving bandwidth for the web server because the user’s processor can do the code execution and this could be a great benefit. It is easy to learn as well as execute. This programming language offers many functional features that are mostly pre-written and help in making the development easy and fast. It is considered to be very user-friendly. Various functionalities can be added to websites using code snippets which are enabled by JavaScript.

JavaScript allows objects to be defined and can be developed very quickly. It allows for easy bug removal and hence makes for a very helpful programming language that can make site maintenance an easy affair. Is JavaScript a programming language that can be called the future of programming? Probably yes, because it allows the creation of something tangible within a matter of minutes. It naturally integrates with HTML which is the language of the world wide web. It has risen from a simple client-side only scripting tool to a flexible and versatile programming language. 


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