Learning the Basics of the Video Production Process

August 19, 2018 By rahul

Learning the Basics of the Video Production Process

Let’s go back to the basics. The innovation of video production has changed all throughout the years. From magnetic film tapes, we now have high definition videos stored in micro SD memory cards. From massive cameras, we can now get a hold of the handiest video recorders. The hardware has changed immensely in order to adapt with the modern way of living. But still, we can’t deny the fact that the elements of video production have remained the same.

In order to make the best videos, there are certain factors to consider. The use of high-tech, top of the line video production gadgets plays only one part in the whole picture. Without the others, a video production is plain ordinary. And that’s never a good sign for any production company.

To produce a high-class, well thought of, great quality video, remember (or etch them on a stone) these basic video elements:

Lighting – Lighting is everything in a video. Without it, there will be no output as your lens will not register any image in it. Your camera and your lights must be the best of friends. It must be able to capture the images on its best representation. To achieve the best images, learn how to play with your lights and know the different kinds of brightness, contrast and hues.

Angles – Another challenge in creating an awesome video is how you let the people view your perception through the eyes of your camera’s lens. Point and shoot or shooting on just a single angle is monotonous and boring. There are many ways of representing your ideas through the correct forms of angling.

Composition – composition is what sets a video apart from the others. No matter how many class A gadgets you use, without a great composition, your video is useless and dull. It all begins with an idea. Now to make this idea tangible, you’d need to incorporate it with the proper lighting, scoring and video techniques. Most of all, you’d need to have that certain uniqueness in you that will set you apart from the others.

There might be no magic tricks in making an attractive and interesting videos. All great videos require basic skills from the videomaker including equipment knowledge, video production techniques, and the whole video production process. One must know how to handle each equipment and accompanying control mechanisms. A good videomaker must know how to harmonize the visual and sound effects of a video. Most of all, it must convey the right information by using video as a medium to insert ideas persuasively.


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